Teeth Whitening or Bleaching

in Littleton, CO

Teeth Whitening or Bleaching

A brighter smile is among the simplest and most affordable procedures that we can offer to make our patients more satisfied with their overall appearance.  Many patients experience discoloration due to genetics, coffee and wine staining, smoking and routine darkening with aging.

We offer three available for bleaching:

  1. Take home nighttime wear bleach – This is a convenient option to bleach your teeth. Upper and lower impressions are taken and custom bleach trays are fabricated that snap on to your teeth.  We provide you with enough bleach for eight nights of bleaching.  You simply place the syringed bleach into the tray, place it in your mouth and bleach while you sleep.  Tubes of bleach can be purchased singly for “touch-ups” at your whim at any time.
  2. Bleach tower – This is a take home system of a different chemical make-up than the nighttime wear bleach. The trays are a prefabricated one size fits all that can be worn twice daily for fifteen- twenty minutes.  This is super easy to do for the “person on the go”. The bleach is nicknamed the “commuter bleach”.  You receive ten sets of upper and lower trays.  A terrific, affordable way to get those desired whiter teeth.
  3. In-office fast result bleaching – This bleaching procedure can be done in two different ways—using a custom tray mold of your teeth, or hand application of the bleaching solution.

    The tray method starts with a quick appointment to take a mold of your mouth so we can make the trays. Then when you return on another day we fill the trays with high strength bleach and place them on your teeth. We then monitor the bleaching process, and remove the trays when the desired shade has been reached.  

    With the second option, we skip the trays and instead place a barrier between your gums and teeth and brush the high strength bleach on to your teeth. After a set amount of time, we rinse off the bleach and apply it a second time. 

    Both of these options can result in an immediate jump of two shades lighter.  Both options include take-home touch-up products.

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General and Restorative Dentistry Procedures

In addition to routine preventative dental appointments and teeth cleanings, we offer the following types of general and restorative dental procedures in Littleton, Colorado:

For 25 years, Dr. Loper has been providing quality and reasonably priced dental care in the Littleton community. Her number one goal is to provide customized dental care to assist in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. The offices guidelines are created by you, our patients!

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