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Routine Dental Cleanings and Check-ups

Preventing oral health problems is the best way to reduce dental costs and keep your smile healthy. Cleanings and check-ups, including regular teeth cleaning, are the cornerstone of general dental care when combined with excellent oral hygiene habits at home. Dr. Loper and Dr. Dale recommend regular cleanings and check-ups to keep your smile great, teeth, and gums healthy and to reduce the risk of health issues.

Your visit will begin with a review of both medical and dental health histories. Digital x-rays will then be taken to ensure a complete and thorough examination of your teeth and gums. We will screen for oral cancer – most oral cancers are highly treatable if caught in early stages. Our hygienist will perform an examination of your gums and will proceed with a thorough scaling and polishing. Oral hygiene instruction and product recommendations will be made. At the conclusion of your appointment, an examination by one of our dentists will occur. Treatment planning will occur if dental work is needed.

We recommend that you visit our office minimally twice a year for cleanings to protect your oral health and prevent gum disease.

We offer multiple options for comfort during any office visit.  We can apply desensitizer or anesthetize your teeth during your appointment.  We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for nervousness or anxiety.  In extreme cases of anxiety, an oral sedative can be taken for your appointment.  If this option is necessary, a designated driver must accompany you. 

Scaling and Root Planing for Gum Disease

Caring for your smile also means maintaining excellent gum health.  Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and can place you at a higher risk for other health issues.  At our office, we place emphasis on preventive care to help our patients maintain healthy smiles.  When gum disease is recognized, we offer effective treatment to stop the progression of the disease.  Gum or periodontal disease can occur quietly, impacting the health of the gum tissue and bone density in the jaw.  Bacteria accumulation can create plaque and build-up that irritate the gum and bone.  Pockets can form, creating more places for bacteria to hide, making it more difficult to maintain oral health at home.  If left untreated, infection can attack the tissue and bone, loosening teeth to the point of possible tooth loss.

Treatment for gum disease starts with clearing away plaque, bacteria and a build-up called tartar from the teeth.  This can include a deep cleaning below the gum line.  Root planing and scaling may be needed to remove tartar on the roots to allow the gums to heal.  A local anesthetic is used for your comfort during this procedure.  Once the initial treatment is complete, we will monitor your periodontal health at three to four month intervals and perform thorough cleanings.  These appointments are called periodontal maintenance cleanings.  Success is very high for oral improvements when maintained by the patient and our office. 

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General and Restorative Dentistry Procedures

In addition to routine preventative dental appointments and teeth cleanings, we offer the following types of general and restorative dental procedures in Littleton, Colorado:

For 25 years, Dr. Loper has been providing quality and reasonably priced dental care in the Littleton community. Her number one goal is to provide customized dental care to assist in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. The offices guidelines are created by you, our patients!

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