Mouth Guards in Littleton, CO

Grinding Guards and Sports Guards

These are appliances that are worn over your teeth that safeguard teeth from grinding or clenching as well as trauma from sports.

  1. Night guard – This is a custom-fitted appliance that assists in decreasing the wear and tear on teeth as a result of nighttime clenching or grinding. An appliance for daytime use can also be fabricated. This type of custom guard is also known to decrease the signs of TMJ discomfort or overuse of the TMJ muscles. Our office uses a local laboratory to fabricate these appliances. The timeframe to complete a custom guard is less than one week.
  2. Sports guard – This appliance is highly recommended for those involved in athletic activities including baseball, basketball, football, hockey, volleyball and wrestling. Following a dental impression at our office, this custom-fitted guard can be fabricated in the color of your choice.
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