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Dental Crowns

A crown is actually a tooth-shaped “cap” or “covering” that is placed over the top of a prepared tooth to restore a tooth to its original size, shape, and appearance.

When is a crown indicated?

  1. Minimal tooth structure remaining to allow for a traditional filling
  2. To cover a misshaped or discolored tooth
  3. Following root canal treatment as a tooth becomes brittle
  4. To be placed on a dental implant
  5. To correct a food trap

Options for crown material:

  1. All-ceramic crown – A variety of manmade materials can be used to fabricate this strong crown. This style of crown gives the best cosmetic result.  We are able to custom shade and characterize the final product right down to the stains, crack lines, chalky marks and multiple colors to match adjacent or opposing teeth.  No metal is found in this type of crown.  All-ceramic crowns create terrific cosmetic results on both front and back teeth.
  2. Gold crown – In our office, if a gold crown is desired, we use high noble gold, the highest quality available.  Gold is a terrific option for back teeth.  Gold has the least potential for wear and tear. 
  3. Porcelain fused to metal crown – This crown is a nice option for matching the shade of adjacent teeth. This crown is fabricated utilizing a metal sleeve with tooth colored porcelain baked onto it.  This crown is often used on patients who already have this style of crown.  Best used on back teeth.
  4. Implant crown – We can fabricate an implant crown from all-ceramic, gold or porcelain fused to metal to be placed on your implant. A crown can be made for your implant approximately three to four months after your implant has been placed and following release from the specialist that placed the implant.
  5. Composite or Stainless steel crowns – A variety of situations can be addressed by the use of these types of crowns. Composite or stainless steel crowns are considered temporary.   They can be placed to monitor a tooth for symptoms, due to limited finances for a traditional crown or restoring a baby tooth with a large cavity.

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