Dental X-Rays in Littleton, CO

Digital Radiographs (x-rays)

Digital x-rays detect dental problems that cannot be found during a visual exam. We use digital x-rays that emit 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays.

The frequency of x-rays is based on your individual needs and dentition. As a standard, we take a complete set of radiographs at your initial visit to our office. Routine, cavity detecting x-rays are taken once a year following this first visit. We recommend that a full set of x-rays or a panoramic radiograph every five to seven years.

These are a terrific tool for comparison and are recommended by the American Dental Association to evaluate the overall health of your mouth. A panoramic radiograph is utilized to determine the position of wisdom teeth, detect the presence of tumor in the jaw and detect disease in the roots of teeth.

Dental x-rays are a valuable tool in assessing the condition of your oral health.

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