Dental Fillings in Littleton, CO

Dental Fillings

Tooth fillings are recommended when you have a cavity or perhaps or broken or worn tooth.  A filling is necessary to prevent further damage and to restore your tooth to healthiness again.  Many times cavities or broken down teeth are symptomless but still have to be addressed.  A small filling can grow very quickly to involve the nerve.  This can lead to the need for root canal treatment or even an extraction.

We offer multiple options for filling materials:

  1. Amalgam (silver) fillings – A silver colored filling is made of a combination of metals.  This material has been the standard for years.  It is strong, durable and quite affordable.  It is common for this type of filling material to last for 20 plus years.
  2. Composite (white) fillings – This type of filling is a blend of resins and comes in a variety of shades to match your tooth.  This filling material is less durable than the amalgam option, however, is a terrific option for a beautiful cosmetic result or for those with metal allergies.
  3. Glass ionomer (white) fillings – This hybrid material is best to use in large restorations, in fillings placed prior to placing a crown and is a great product for fillings on children.  We also use glass ionomer for restoring cavities on roots.  The filling bonds directly to your tooth and releases a very small amount of fluoride over time.

Following your diagnosis, you will be scheduled to have your filling done.  You will be given the option to choose which dental filling material that you would like us to use.  The front office staff will inform you of any charges that you will be responsible for.  You will be given a local anesthetic for your comfort that will last from one to three hours.  A dental handpiece is used to prepare the tooth to receive its new filling.  The filling material will be placed, checked and polished.  You will be dismissed with instruction for the care of your new filling. 

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